A HES Letter to Santa

Santa Klaus,

Santa’s Grotto, Finnish Lapland.

Christmas 2021

Dear Santa,

Doubtless, you are busy preparing for Christmas, but we thought we ought to write to you, all the same, mainly to wish you a peaceful and joyous Christmas.

This time last year in our Christmas Greetings , we told everyone about your Harmonious Entrepreneurial activities. You are an example to us all of how we should behave with respect to our people and the planet, and we congratulate you on your continued achievements.

However, we recognise that this has been an unusual year in many ways as a result of the pandemic that has so ravaged the global population. We expect you will receive many letters with requests this Christmas, as we all need some Christmas cheer, but we thought we might offer some suggestions for presents, just in case you missed them.

For her, tights/pantihose by Swedish Stockings or Billi London or perhaps a fashionable hijab from Modest Trends, while some genuine Moroccan Argan oil is bound to be well-received.

For him, or indeed her, how about a crate of Toast Ale?

For those needing frequent liquid refreshment, such as sports men and women, perhaps a supply of Ooho capsules from Skipping Rocks Lab, as used by runners on the London Marathon. Or for those without fresh, clean water in Tanzania, perhaps a Nano Water filter from the Gongali Model Company.                                                                                                                                                                                             

For the house proud, an Oseng-Rees Reflections feature made from recycled glass would be joyously received, as would a supply of recycled plastic paving slabs from Gjenge Makers. These will enhance the appearance of any property and reduce maintenance.

For the gourmets, perhaps award-winning artisan Welsh cheese by Caws Cenarth, especially the Caerphilly, fresh salads from LettUs Grow, freshly dried fruit from Agricycle Global, or delicious Norwegian Salmon from Ocean 1. For coffee lovers, there is freshly roasted coffee from Manumit.

For the young adult, the millennials, perhaps an innovative credit card like Tred, which is made out of recycled plastic and provides opportunities for carbon offsetting.

For the motor enthusiast, the hydrogen-powered Rasa is a must, as is the Stella Vita solar-powered motor home.

A Float8 home on water might be just the ticket for the person who loves to sail, especially if it reduces the chance of damage from flash flooding.

For the tradesperson, what about an electric truck manufactured by Tevva Motors. Indeed you may want to think about one for yourself. We know you have Rudolf, and he only really works one day a year, but like us all, he is not getting any younger…

These are just some of the innovative products that have appealed to us over the last 12 months, all designed to address the sustainability challenge. You can find out more about them on our website https://harmonious-entrepreneurship.org/). By distributing them this Christmas, you will not only be bringing joy and happiness to people around the world but continuing to do your bit to save our planet.

We will keep our eyes open for more novel ideas for next year, but for now, Santa, we wish you a happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

David and Felicity.

Co-founders Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society

PS. And if you visit Nepal, a Portal Bicycle would be the thing people want. At the same time, homemakers in Ghana would appreciate a Gyapa Enterprises cooking stove. Their counterparts in Colombia would welcome a portable Waterlight lamp from E-Dina. When in Iraq, please consider the refugees who would benefit from a manual Divya washing machine.

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