Samples of contributors research

Professor David A. Kirby

Kirby, D.A. (2020) ‘Entrepreneurship and Sustainability: is there need for a new harmonised approach?, AdvanceHE,, 28th October 2020 [online]. Available:

Kirby, D.A. (2020) ‘Entrepreneurial University and COVID-19: Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Transformation?’ August 2020 [online]. Available:

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Felicity Healey-Benson

Oksanen, L., Healey-Benson, F. & McCallum, E. (2021) ‘Take a chance on CPD! How one school put their faith in the EntreCompEdu CPD programme and developed whole-school collective entrepreneurial education‘, 45th Annual ATEE Conference: University of Warsaw 9-11 Sept 2021
Accepted for publication in the European Journal of Teacher Education (EJTE) 2022

Healey-Benson, F., Penaluna, K. & McCallum, E. Bantani (2021) ‘EntrecompEdu: a framework for on-line training for developing entrepreneurial educators‘, Yrittäjyyskasvatuspäivät 2021, Entrepreneurship Education Conference 2021, University of Lapland, 29th-30th September 2021.

Kirby, D. ,Healey-Benson, F. & Penaluna, K. (2021) ‘Entrepreneurship and the Sustainability Challenge: the need for a systematic approach to entrepreneurship Education‘, IEEC2021, Enterprise Educators UK, 8-10 September 2021

In the Press: 14th July 2021; &

Kirby, D.A, Healey-Benson, F. & Ranson, P. (2021) ‘Harmonious Entrepreneurship for resilient communities’, Nexus + Conference, UWTSD, Wales, 2nd July 2021.

Penaluna, K, Healey-Benson, F.& Omar, N. (2021) ‘Entrepreneurial Resilience – strengthening the educator and graduate pipeline’, Nexus + Conference, UWTSD, Wales, 1st July 2021.

Singleton, T. , Muldoon, F. & Healey-Benson, F. (2021) ‘Whole School EntreCompEdu Pioneers, Dafen Primary School, Wales‘, EntreCompEdu Café Webinar Series, , 22nd June 2021. Creative Comms Attribution.

Featured in 18/6/21 & 23/06/21

Featured in 4/5/21

Healey-Benson, F. (2020) ‘Digwyddiad Digidol Arloesol I Ddaithlu EntreCompEdu Cam 1’ [online], PCYDDS, 23ain Awst 2020,

Healey-Benson, F. (2021) ‘Creating value through the SDGs‘, EntreCompEdu Café Webinar Series, 16th February 2021. Video link. Creative Comms Attribution.

Penaluna, K. & Healey-Benson, F. (2020) ‘A European case study on enterprising the educators: Dafen Primary School, Wales’, Strengthening the Enterprise Pipeline: The role of universities, Enterprise Educators UK, Thursday 22nd October 2020 [Online].

Healey-Benson, F. & Ranson, P. (2020) ‘Striving to Thrive: learning and innovating through entrepreneurial education’, Nexus + Conference, UWTSD, Wales, 14th July 2020. 

Healey-Benson, F. , Lohnmann-Hancock, C. & Morgan, P. (2020) ‘Pirates in HE: Social Justice for connected communities in unprecedented times’, Nexus + Conference, UWTSD, Wales, 14th July 2020. 

Healey-Benson, F. (2019) ‘Lifeworld And Lifelong Development: The Transformative Power Of ‘Entrepreneurial Learning‘ , UWTSD, 19th November 2019 [blog]. Available:

Healey-Benson, F. (2019) ‘Rebel Call: Sustainability-based ethics in a technological world’, UWTSD, 31st October 2019 [blog]. Available:

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UWTSD (2019) ‘Their future, our hands: new book inspires the future generation’, Press Release, 8th November 2019 [online]. Available:

What People Say

David changed my academic life by his insightful thoughts during the last ten years. We held workshops on Entrepreneurial Universities in Turkey and Iran with @Hiroko_ENTR

Aidin Salamzadeh Faculty Member @ University of Tehran; Editorial Advisory Board @ The Bottom Line (Emerald)

David inspired my career. I was trained by him at a UKSEC bootcamp for #EntEd ers in 2005 after I was teaching Ent Finance for 5 years to expand my portfolio. I was delighted when he came to Egypt and I had thought provoking conversations with him

Shima Barakat Entrepreneur| Director| Academic| Mentor committed to growing sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems

Felicity brings new energy, fresh thinking and years of practical thinking to entrepreneurship education. In particular, Felicity is asking new and old questions of the field, finding new answers and forcing us all to revisit our current assumptions.

Assoc. Prof Colin Jones, University of Southern Queensland & Author of ‘How to Teach Entrepreneurship’ (2019) & ‘How to Become an Entrepreneurship Educator’ (2020)

Let’s heal the world together.

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