Dr. Felicity Healey-Benson

Co-founder: Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society

Co-director: Harmonious Entrepreneurship Ltd

Dr. Felicity Healey-Benson (BSc, PGCE, MSc, MBA, DBA, FHEA) practices as a Lead Researcher and Entrepreneurial Learning Champion (International Institute for Creative Entrepreneurial Development at INSPIRE).  Her research builds upon academic and work-based programme teaching experience, with specific expertise in leadership and management development, including a sustainability agenda. Undergraduate and postgraduate modules developed and delivered include strategy, business and enterprise, HRM and marketing, as well as breadth of professional qualifications. She is a member of the Erasmus+ funded EntreCompEdu Steering Group, which aims to develop teachers’ entrepreneurial education skills through global access online CPD underpinned by the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework. She is passionate about Sustainability. A writer and academic entrepreneur she founded ‘Emergent Thinkers.com‘, and ‘Pirates in Education’, both of which are about identifying and sharing new educational and business practices to promote sustainability and support wider economic and social development. She contributed to, and supported the editing of Mr Kay Luan Tay’s 2019 book ‘Applying Sustainability: Principles & Practices’. Active in a number of community roles, she is also a member of the British Society of Phenomenology and co-founder of ‘Hanfod.NL‘  which aims to shape and strengthen phenomenology’s contribution to networked learning.

I believe passionately entrepreneurship, and specifically a harmonious approach, is key to the transformation of our current learning ecosystem, and, specifically, can help promote new literacies and applied creativity and innovation in support of the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals”.



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David changed my academic life by his insightful thoughts during the last ten years. We held workshops on Entrepreneurial Universities in Turkey and Iran with @Hiroko_ENTR

Aidin Salamzadeh Faculty Member @ University of Tehran; Editorial Advisory Board @ The Bottom Line (Emerald)

David inspired my career. I was trained by him at a UKSEC bootcamp for #EntEd ers in 2005 after I was teaching Ent Finance for 5 years to expand my portfolio. I was delighted when he came to Egypt and I had thought provoking conversations with him

Shima Barakat Entrepreneur| Director| Academic| Mentor committed to growing sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems

Felicity brings new energy, fresh thinking and years of practical thinking to entrepreneurship education. In particular, Felicity is asking new and old questions of the field, finding new answers and forcing us all to revisit our current assumptions.

Assoc. Prof Colin Jones, University of Southern Queensland & Author of ‘How to Teach Entrepreneurship’ (2019) & ‘How to Become an Entrepreneurship Educator’ (2020)

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