Father Christmas/Santa Claus, the Harmonious Entrepreneur

HES Christmas Message (c) HES2020 by Vanessa Randel

His factory in Lapland does not pollute the atmosphere.

He has a happy workforce that always delivers on time.

His enterprise is customer-focused and aims to meet and exceed expectations.

He is concerned about the environment, especially global warming and the melting of the polar ice caps.

He is not a supporter of fast or disposable fashion, wearing the same clothes year in year out.

He only uses reindeers to pull his sleigh, and they graze on and fertilise the tundra.

He travels once a year, and only at night so minimises traffic congestion.

He does not leave a carbon footprint when he travels.

He does not go down those chimneys that are burning fossil fuels.

He cares for his reindeers, knows them by name and asks everyone to leave a carrot for them.

He conserves water by not shaving.

He is keen on preserving plants and kisses under the mistletoe.

The presents he brings are sometimes recycled on “Boxing Day”!

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and 2021

from David, Felicity and our project advisors

at the Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society.

A special festive thanks to Vanessa Randel at thinkingvisually for our Christmas Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society® bespoke banner.


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