HES Principles of Practice

Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society Principles of Practice

Harmonious Entrepreneurship may be defined as:-
“a vision for the future that is rooted in ethical innovation that results in change and improvement in economy and society, while not harming or damaging people or the environment. Preferably, it improves and replenishes them and leads to development that is both long-term and sustainable”.

To be classed as harmonious entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial activity should not only conform to the definition but should embrace five PROSPER aspects of development identified by El -Kaffass (2007); namely, it should be:

  • Professionally based: taking state-of-the-art quality measures to develop, improve and grow the business
  • Spiritually and ethically inspired: emanating from a principle of doing good on earth – benefit the environment and the wholeness of the world, ensuring equilibrium and justice and sustaining the initial harmony of the universe.
  • Physically/materially concerned: supporting improvement in the health and wellbeing of people and the physical environment, including air, earth, seas and space
  • Emotionally rooted: serving and benefitting the community
  • Rationally and Intellectually based: creative and innovative, finding smart and novel solutions.

Additionally, the entrepreneurs and those representing or supporting them should display:

  • Creativity, foresight and vision,
  • Ability to think strategically
  • Interdisciplinary competence (including commercial awareness)
  • Economic, ethical, environmental and social consciousness
  • Understanding of systems thinking
  • Action orientation
  • Ability to motivate and empower people.

At all times, members of the Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society should adhere to these principles and should behave:

Ethically in all that they do,
Professionally and transparently, and
Responsibly with respect to the environment, people and commerce.

El Kaffass, I. (2007). Presentation on Leadership. Third Annual Event of the Leadership in Education (LEAD) Program.  American University in Cairo.

Published: 18th December 2020

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