Recent Publications on Harmonious Entrepreneurship

Book Chapters

Kirby, D.A, El-Kaffass, I., & Healey-Benson, F. (2023). The Leopard’s Spots are Changing: An Evolutionary Approach to Ecological to Sustainability. In J.J Ferreira, & P.J Murphy, (eds), ‘Bleeding-Edge Entrepreneurship’ (chapter 3). Emerald Publishing. 26th January 2023.

Kirby, D.A., (2022). Developing the Harmonious Venture: a new approach to Sustainability.  In Penaluna, K, Jones, C and Penaluna A., (Eds), How to Develop Entrepreneurial Graduates, Ideas and Ventures: Designing an Imaginative Entrepreneurship Program. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham UK, Northampton, MA, USA

Kirby, D.A. (2022). Entrepreneurship, the Circular Economy and the Need for Harmony. In El-Tarabishy, A., and Pastran, A. (Eds)  ICSB Annual Global Micro-Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Report, 86-87. June 27. Icsbglobalmsmesreport2022.pdf.

Kirby, D.A. and Healey-Benson, F. (2022). Embracing Agility: the Need for Harmony. In El-Tarabishy A., and Pastran A., (Eds), ICSB Annual Global Micro-Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Report, 83-85. June, 27.icsbglobalmsmesreport2022.pdf

Kirby, D.A, El-Kaffass, I. and Healey Benson, F. (2022). Integrating Harmonious Entrepreneurship into the curriculum: Addressing the Sustainability Grand Challenge. In Gamage, K.,  and Gunawardhana, N (Eds),  “The Wiley Handbook of Sustainability in Higher Education Learning and Teaching” Wiley Blackwell.

Journal articles

Kirby, D.A. and El-Kaffass, I. (2021). Harmonious entrepreneurship- a new approach to the challenge of global sustainability The World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development.17(4), 846-855. First online 12th July.( .

Kirby, D.A. and El-Kaffass, I. (2022).The Characteristics of a green, innovative and transformational entrepreneurs; an example of transformative entrepreneurship in an efficiency—driven economy. The International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development.14 (1/2), June.

Kirby, D.A., El-Kaffass, I. and Healey-Benson  F. (2022). Entrepreneurship Evolution: a proposed Harmonious Entrepreneurship model to address the Global Sustainability Challenge, DOI 10.1108/Journal of Management History 11-2021-0060.

Kirby, D.A., El-Kaffass, I. and Healey-Benson, F. (2022). A new harmonised approach to sustainability: implications for entrepreneurial leadership in the Middle East and globally. Management and Sustainability: An Arab Review. First online June 2022.DOI 10.1108/MSAR-02-2022-014


Kirby, D.A., Penaluna, K., and Healey-Benson, F. (2022). 40 Years of Entrepreneurship Education: UWTSD. The South Wales Business Review. 9, 1. 1-25.

Kirby & El-Kaffass 2021 paper on Harmonious Entrepreneurship


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