Close and Next steps

Thank you for taking the time to work through the HES foundation MOOC content. We hope you are inspired to take the next steps yourself or start to support your students with a harmonious entrepreneurial adventure. 

Our next goal is to set up a competition that will combine training workshops with an opportunity to identify and develop an innovative, commercial project that will address, holistically, the interconnected elements in the sustainability challenge. If you are interested contact us at

Thank you to all at the HES, which includes our project advisors and strong followership.

We thank again Enterprise Educators UK’s Richard Beresford Bursary and Dr Nicholas Campion at the UWTSD Harmony Institute  for their contributing funding, and to the UWTSD International Institute for Creative Entrepreneurial Development for their ongoing support.

We are greatly indebted for the time and skills of our HES Project Advisor Paul Ranson who produced all the video content.

David and Felicity (co-founders, HES)

Supported by UWTSD Harmony Institute, IICED and

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