Welcome to ‘Principles of Harmonious Entrepreneurship’

Part-funded by Enterprise Educators UK’s Richard Beresford Bursary, and the UWTSD Harmony Institute and supported by UWTSD IICED, this Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society (HES) short-course has been developed by HES Project Advisor Paul Ranson in conjunction with the HES co-founders Professor David A. Kirby and Felicity Healey-Benson.

Aimed at educators and/students, but open to all, the course content will explain what we at the HES recognise as ‘Harmonious Entrepreneurship’. Participants will be exposed to the key principles of ‘Harmonious Entrepreneurship’ as a precursor to supporting or developing a Harmonious Venture.  Those who are inspired by the concepts are invited to contact us for more information, as we plan to build in more proactive support for harmonious venture development.

Designed to be completed at participant’s own pace, there are 10 sessions of content. There is a mix of short videos, case studies, and extended reading. We complete with some further resource signposting and information on next steps. Participants are welcome to leave any comments, recommendations or feedback in the ‘Leave a Reply’ space of each page.

Themes covered include: Entrepreneurship & Enterprise, Harmony, Systems Thinking, ‘EntreComp competences’ Integrating the SDGs, and Ethics, with further thoughts about Creativity.

We are greatly indebted for the time and skills of our HES Project Advisor Paul Ranson who produced the video content, and to our Society advisors, Professor David Cadman, Dr Iman El-Kaffass, and Associate Professors Dr Kathryn Penaluna and Dr Nicholas Campion .

Supported by the UWTSD’s Harmony Institute& IICED and

Enterprise Educators UK Richard Beresford Bursary

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