Thoughts on ‘Harnessing Creativity’

Contributing to the HES Principles underpinned by the EntreComp competencies, at HES we highlight the importance of the creative mindset. For learners to be able to develop an enterprising approach, courses should offer as much experiential learning as is possible – to engage and enhance capabilities within a meaningful and relevant context.

We recognise that this ‘foundation course’ has just introduced material for you to embrace what we at the HES recognise as ‘Harmonious Entrepreneurship’ and we hope to build on this to more proactively support harmonious venture development – as is captured in ‘Close and Next steps’ at the end.

We hope that this content may at least challenge students, fellow teachers and supporters to think about the future through a harmonious lens, visualise opportunities and be encouraged to engage in scenarios that challenge thinking and make explicit the need for creativity and innovation.

Here’s our take on stimulating creativity. 

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