HES recognised for contribution to shifting to a more holistic perspective of entrepreneurship

Integrating different entrepreneurial sectors allows us to stand together, stronger and more capable than ever before” shares Dr Ayman El-Tarabishy (Executive Director of the International Council for Small Business) in the recently published article “Humane, Sustainable, and Harmonious Entrepreneurship: Shifting to a More Holistic Perspective of Entrepreneurship”.

At the Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society, we firmly believe that entrepreneurship can significantly impact the Sustainability Challenge. Harmonious Entrepreneurship is indeed founded on the fact our planet is a system, and if entrepreneurship is to address the challenges facing us, it needs to adopt a systemic approach in which the traditional, individual entrepreneurial approaches are harmonised to produce a holistic solution that embraces Profit, People and Planet. Just as Professor Ayman El-Tarabishi and the International Council for Small Business have recognised in their post. We thank them for their signposting to our work.

Extract from https://icsb.org/humaneandholistic/

Thank you Dr Ayman El-Tarabishy and the International Council for Small Business.

As the ancient Chinese philosopher, Xun Zi once said, “All things under the sun will flourish “when harmony prevails”.

 Felicity and David (co-founders, HES)


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