HES MOOC – Principles of Harmonious Entrepreneurship launched

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”- Benjamin Fanklin 1706-1790

We are excited to share with you all, our dedicated HES supporters, that the first iteration of our foundation level online course ‘Principles of Harmonious Entrepreneurship’. We will officially launch it this week at the 15th Enterprise Educators UK International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference at Aston University

Part-funded by Enterprise Educators UK’s Richard Beresford Bursary, and the UWTSD Harmony Institute it is supported by UWTSD’s International Institute for Creative Entrepreneurial Development  (IICED), is aimed at educators and students, but open to all. 

Participants will be exposed to the key principles of ‘Harmonious Entrepreneurship’ as a precursor to supporting or launching  a Harmonious Venture.  Those who are inspired by the concepts are invited to contact the Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society (HES) for more information, as we plan to build in more proactive support for harmonious venture development.

Designed to be completed at the participant’s own pace, there are 10 sessions of content. Themes  include Entrepreneurship & Enterprise, Harmony, Systems Thinking, the EntreComp competences, Integrating the SDGs, Ethics, and Creativity. There is a mix of short videos, case studies, extended reading and further signposting to resources. Participants are invited to leave any comments, feedback and recommendations for further detail in the ‘Leave a Reply’ space of each page.

Our next goal is to launch a student competition that will combine training workshops with an opportunity to identify and launch  an innovative, commercial venture that will address, holistically, the interconnected elements in the sustainability challenge. 

If you work through the course, are inspired by Harmonious Entrepreneurship, and would be interested in the next steps, please contact us at https://harmonious-entrepreneurship.org/contact/

Your can access the course via the link: https://harmonious-entrepreneurship.org/welcome-principles-of-harmonious-entrepreneurship-course/

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you to all at the HES, which includes our project advisors and international  followership. We thank again Enterprise Educators UK’s Richard Beresford Bursary and Dr Nicholas Campion at the UWTSD Harmony Institute  for their contributing funding, and to the UWTSD IICED for their ongoing support.

We are greatly indebted for the time and skills of our HES Project Advisor Paul Ranson who produced  the video content, and to our Society  advisors, Professor David Cadman, Dr Iman El-Kaffass, and Associate Professors Dr Kathryn Penaluna and Dr Nicholas Campion. 

We hope you enjoy the MOOC, and find it useful. 

 Felicity and David (co-founders, HES)

Supported by the UWTSD’s Harmony Institute& IICED and

Enterprise Educators UK Richard Beresford Bursary 

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