Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society and the G7, June 2021 –  “How beauteous mankind is! Oh Brave new World”(Shakespeare)

In between relaxing by the sea, cosying up to the new President of the USA, having a beach barbecue, and meeting the Queen, the leaders of the 7 strongest economies in the world (the G7) clearly did some serious thinking and talking when they met in Cornwall on June 11-13 2021. Camp David 2020 forgotten and Brexit “done and dusted” they dealt with several major global issues as their detailed 70 point communique makes clear (https://www.whitehouse.gov).

Of priority concern for all was the covid -19 pandemic and its aftermath, including, as has become evident, the need to protect the health of world citizenry, but particularly that of the most vulnerable in society. Integral to the recovery plan is the need to strengthen or reinvigorate the global economy after the impact of the pandemic and the need to encourage and promote the development of new technologies. At the same time, the leaders recognised and acknowledged the need to address the sustainability challenge, in particular the issues of climate change, plastics pollution, and inequality, especially the inequality of genders. No doubt in this they were influenced by the thinking of HRH the Prince of Wales as has been the “Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society”. For our part, we welcome such outcomes and are particularly encouraged by the pledge of at least $2.75 billion in funding over the next 5 years for the Global Partnership for Education and especially the 2026 targets for the education of girls in the most vulnerable regions and countries.

We must never forget, as that great global leader, the late Nelson Mandela recognised, that “education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world”.


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