Harmonious Entrepreneurship Society (Ltd) ORB’s membership

The Society is pleased to announce that it has become a member of the Organisation for Responsible Business (ORB). We have done so not only because we are a responsible business, a spinout of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, but because ORB shares the same objectives as ourselves and, importantly, as Aesop recognised in the 6th century BC, “United we stand, divided we fall”.

Launched in February 2010 ORB is a membership organisation for ethical and responsible SMEs that contribute to the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of their communities. Not only has its founder, Jill Poet, just published a book, It really is just Good Business…the art of operating a responsible, ethical and PROFITABLE small business, based on her experiences, in January 2023 she was one of #ialso 100 2023 f:Entrepreneur– one of 100 inspirational female entrepreneurs drawn from across the UK.

We congratulate both Jill and Orb and look forward to collaborating with her and the ORB community through the creation of ethical and responsible business behaviour that will address the sustainability challenge and change the world.

As the late Steve Jobs recognised “It’s the crazy people that believe they can change the world that do”.


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  1. Congratulations on this great move and positions HES in a whole new business arena with like-minded organisations. ORB were ahead of the game and with their accreditation of responsible business practice and now they have adopted a new governance structure, it bodes well for future collaboration.


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