Cymbrogi Futures

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Liza Lort-Phillips, CEO Founder & Mathew Jones, Co-Founder and Director of Learning    

Helping today’s learners and leaders build tomorrow’s sustainable future.

Cymbrogi Futures aims to create a learning & wellbeing experience that helps teachers and learners connect with the fast-emerging realities of their world and inspire them to take on the challenges.

Today’s young people are growing up in the fastest changing period in human history. They will inherit an uncertain and challenged world. Their education system was designed for an industrial economy and society that will likely be unrecognisable in two decades.

We need tomorrow’s adults to be able to design and shape an equitable, sustainable and socially progressive world.

To enable them to do that, we need to fundamentally change the way they learn. We also need to equip over-worked and under-resourced teachers with a sense of wellbeing and purpose.

Cymbrogi is an ancient Celtic word meaning ‘Companions of the Heart.’ It is about creating a safe space in an extraordinary place where we can equip learners and leaders with the skills, knowledge and mindsets needed to take on our collective futures.

Putting the Wellbeing of Future Generations into Practice

Cymbrogi’s inspiration is drawn from the UN Global Goals, Wales’ Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, and Wales’ ground-breaking new curriculum.

Cymbrogi’s learning programme delivers inspirational experiences that will give teachers and young people the knowledge, skills and mindsets they need to take on their futures with confidence.

Each element is designed to enable learning and wellbeing in a collective and inspirational way.

The programmes will be delivered as a blended learning experience, both online, and on-site, in one of the country’s most inspirational natural sites, on an organic farm in the heart of the Pembrokeshire National Park.  The Cymbrogi Core Four programme comprises key themes of: Sustainable & Circular Futures, Owning your Wellbeing, Creativity & the Curriculum, and Collaborating to Learn.

The long-term vision is to build an eco-designed, experiential and interdisciplinary centre that will become a place of inspiration for current and future generations as they build more sustainable futures for themselves, their families and their communities.

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